Call for Papers

The First International Workshop on Logics for New-Generation Artificial Intelligence (LNGAI 2021)

ZJULogAI summit

ZLAIRE will organize together the Zhejiang Logic for AI Summit (ZJULogAI), from 6 to 10 of April 2020. The summit is intended to be the second edition of the Luxembourg Logic for AI Summit (LuxLogAI), organized in Luxembourg in September 2018. ZjuLogAI will host together several events grounded on the theme on “Explainable AI and … Continued

AI Teaching Meeting at ZJU

The AI Teaching Meeting was taken place at the Yuquan Campus of Zhejiang University on September 12th, 2019. This was the first time for the two sides of ZLAIRE to share their ideas of teaching on AI courses and the future cooperation such as researchers/students exchange. Prof. Huaxin Huang, Prof. Fei Wu, Prof. Yong Liu, … Continued

Workshop on Applied Logic

The “3rd Chinese-Polish Workshop on Applied Logic — Reasoning about Social Phenomena” on September 7-8th, 2019. The following invited speakers had a presentation in the workshop: Jiahong Guo (Beijing Normal University, China) Ryutaro Ichise (Japanese National Institute of Informatics, Japan) Fenrong Liu (Tinghua University, China) Réka Markovich (University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg) Marek Sergot (Imperial College, … Continued

Leo-III won the LTB division

The Leo-III prover, developed by Alexander Steen, postdoc at the University of Luxembourg, won the LTB division of the CASC theorem prover world championships! The event took place at the International Conference on Automated Deduction (CADE). Congrats Alex!!!

Workshop at LCFI

The workshop Cross-Cultural Trust for Beneficial AI has been taken place at the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence (LCFI) at the University of Cambridge in July 2019. The workshop is part of the joint project “Research on Fundamental Theories and Methods for AIs, Robots and Reasoning“. The workshop has addressed the issue of … Continued

Meeting with F. Bausch

Leon van der Torre has met François Bausch, Luxembourgish Ministry of Defense as well as the Mobility and public works, together with Toby Walsh, professor in Artificial Intelligence from the MIREL partner Data61, and the representatives of the “Campaign against killer robots”. The meeting allowed an open exchange of information and views on the issue … Continued

CSC research unit

The Computer Science and Communications (CSC) unit of the University of Luxembourg conduct fundamental and applied research in the area of computer, communication and information sciences. It involves about eighty researchers many of which actively work on ZLAIRE topics (AI, Robotics, and Reasoning). It is worth noticing the Interdisciplinary Lab for Intelligent and Adaptive Systems … Continued

Joint research with LCFI

The “Research on Fundamental Theories and Mehtods for AIs, Robots and Reasoning” (since 2019) is a joint project between the Logic, Cognition and Artificial Intelligence Research Group at Zhejiang University and the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence (LCFI) at the University of Cambridge, funded by Zhejiang University’s Program for Strategic Cooperation with World-Class … Continued

Logic, Cognition and AI

The “Logic, Cognition and Artificial Intelligence Research Group” at Zhejiang University is financially supported by the Convergence Research Project for Brain Research and Artificial Intelligence of Zhejiang University since 2019. The research partners include scholars in computer science, philosophy, linguistics, and brain science from China, UK, and Norway. The research group intend to devise and … Continued

Launching ZLAIRE!

The outcome of a successful story! Leon van der Torre and Beishui Liao have launched a China–Luxembourg alliance to make the logic of spoken and written language, in all its uncertainties, understandable to computers. This is ZLAIRE (“Zhejiang University – University of Luxembourg Joint Laboratory on AIs, Robotics and Reasoning”), build on the wake of … Continued

Workshop on Applied Logic:

3rd Chinese-Polish Workshop on Applied Logic — Reasoning about Social Phenomena Zhejiang University will host the “3rd Chinese-Polish Workshop on Applied Logic — Reasoning about Social Phenomena” on September 7-8th, 2019. The first workshop of the series took place in Beijing at Beijing Normal University in December 9-10th, 2017; the second – in Toruń at … Continued

MIREL project

MIning and REasoning with Legal texts. MIREL is an H2020 project coordinated by the University of Luxembourg and involving 16 international participants, among which Zhejiang University. The project will last from 1st of January 2016 until 31st of December 2019. MIREL will create an international and inter-sectorial network to define a formal framework and to … Continued